pandemic advertising festival


Pandemic Advertising Festival

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No, there is nothing funny about the pandemic. But many of us in the advertising field are finding ourselves with unexpected time on our hands and having to create a different type of advertising to address the pandemic. So let’s shake things up a little and be a little irreverent. With that in mind, the Greater San Francisco Ad Club is presenting the first and hopefully last Pandemic Advertising Festival. Like the real pandemic, if we made rules, we would probably change them in two weeks anyway. And, like the pandemic, many of you probably wouldn’t follow the rules and those of you who did follow the rules would be mad at those who didn’t. So there are no rules.

What You Can Enter
Real advertising that you created for a real client or fake advertising you created for a fake client. It can be serious or it can be funny. The only thing that it must be, is to have something to do with the pandemic. It can be about masks, social distancing or washing your hands. It can talk about the politics of the pandemic and feature real or fake news. It can be about testing or lack of jobs. As long as it relates in some way to the pandemic, the causes, the affects then you can enter it. How about political ads (real or fake) for those running for President, Congress, state or local offices? All good as long as they refer the pandemic. You get the idea. Don’t ask us if something qualifies, because we will just say yes to everything. We are looking for Video ads, audio ads, print ads, posters, illustrations, animations, websites, social media ads, logos or anything else.

Judges will be a prestigious group of unemployed (or underemployed) advertising professionals (what else do they have to do?)

We will post all entries on the Greater San Francisco Ad Club website and promote the site so people can enjoy the festival as the socially distance themselves from the world.

Only One Rule
Regardless of the Supreme Court’s opinion that corporations are people, their opinion does not apply to this festival, so only individuals can enter and not companies. But if 45 people from your company want to enter, that’s cool. While this is intended for those who work in the advertising industry, this is not a requirement. You can be working or can be collecting unemployment from any industry. You can be a student (college, high school or any kind of student). We are supposed to do things only in our area but entries can spread throughout the state of California and may even cross state lines. In fact, your ad could find its way here from China or Italy. In other words, anyone can enter from anywhere.

Cost to Enter
Free, if you are a member of the Greater San Francisco Ad Club. If you are not a member, only $10 per entry (which will go to the club’s scholarship fund).

Winner will get a free individual membership to the Greater San Francisco Ad Club for one year. Plus, the winning entry will get a free entry into the American Advertising Awards San Francisco competition (if it is not real advertising for a real paying client then the entry will be submitted into a local-only category with things that did not run)

August 7, 2020.

How to Enter
After you create your ad(s), send us an email to a link from which we can download your entries. Make sure your email includes the attached order form.

Good Luck!